Chord Gitar Muse - Falling Down

Intro: A A7 D Dm A E D A

A    A7 D             Dm
I’m falling down
And fifteen thousand people scream
E                                            D          A
They were all begging for your dream
A      A7 D           Dm
I’m falling down
Five thousand houses burning down
E                               D              A
No one is gonna save this town

*Too late
              F                            A
I already found what I was looking for
C#                  D
You know it wasn’t here
  B        E         
No it wasn’t here.
A         A7   D                Dm
I was calling your name
But you would never hear me sing

E                             D  
You wouldn’t let me begin
A             A7     D        Dm
So I’m crawling away
'Cause you broke my heart in two
E                       D
No I will not forget you

Repeat *
A A7   D        Dm
Falling away
You would never see me through
E                         D           A
No I could not forget you
A A7 D          Dm   
Falling down
                                  A                    E
Five thousand houses burning down
                                 D              A
No-one is gonna save this town

Repeat *
A   A7   D            Dm
      Falling down
                           A                   E
Now the world is upside down
                                         D          A
I’m heading straight for the clouds

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