In general, report text is one type of text that include into "factual texts" category. This text also have purpose, generic structure commonly. This text is often called a "twin brother" as descriptive text so there's a lot of students are "confused" about how to distinguish between thoose texts.

Earlier, with just brief and simple I will explain about the differences between them next time; once again it was only a small difference, and almost all the students can understand it. Therefore, to learn what is the report text, let us consider together about Example Of Report Text, Definition, Generic Structure and Purpose :


The report text often also known as informational report. "Report", the Concise Oxford Dictionary 10th Edition, is defined as :
1) An account is given of a matter after investigation or consideration.
2) A piece of information about an event or situation.
So we can conclude, in a language view, a report text is used to serves to provide information about an event or situation, after the investigation and through the multi consideration.

Definition of text report is also fairly similar to what is often mentioned in various books in English at the intermediate level, "Report is a text roomates present information about something, as it is. It is as a result of systematic observation and analyzes." [Report is a text which presents information about something as it is. This text is the result of systematic observation and analysis.]

Thus, the actual report and descriptive text have the distinction is quite clear, although they often called by a "twin brother".

In essence, the report text is usually filled with facts that can be proven scientifically, OK ..


As same as descriptive text,  A report text also has two common structures [generic structure], there are :

1) General Clasification » statements that describe the common subject of the report, common description, and classification.
2) Description » Tells what the phenomenon under discussion; in terms of parts, qualities, habits or behaviors; This section gives us an overview of commonly occurring phenomenon, either of its parts, its properties, habit, or behavior. The point is, presenting elaboration of scientific classification.

There is also some information on the generic text structure report, which includes :
1) General information, is the part that mentions the general information of the theme of writing.
2) Bundles of Specific Information, give us the elaboration of general information.

I'm personally more tended to agree with the second generic structure, why? because that can make students more understanding how to write a report text.


General Classification :
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