1. Spring

Spring is a transition from winter to summer. Yes, spring comes after winter and before summer. At that time, the plants bloom again. So spring is also called the 'flower season'. The spring day is longer than the night, and the air is warm.

Based on Big Indonesian Dictionary, spring means bud. Boom the same as sprout. In addition, semi also means half or part. It is said spring, probably also because the atmosphere in the season is half hot and half cold.

Based on the research I have done, Indonesia is also experiencing spring. Yes, no wonder, because it is a lot of seasons in Indonesia. In the general agreement of the people of Indonesia, the season is a thing that many people do at certain times. Like, the hajj season that occurs during the time of the pilgrimage. The holiday season, because many of the holidays at the end of the semester. Or durian season, because many are selling durian.

Then, for spring in Indonesia, when is it happening?

To answer that question, we must review the spring characteristics first. If in a four-seasons country, spring begins around March 23 through June 21, for the Northern Hemisphere. While in the Southern Hemisphere, spring occurs around September 23 to December 21.

2. Summer

Summer is one of the seasons in medium-sized country. Depending on where a country is, summer may occur at different times.

In the northern hemisphere, summer starts from June 21 to September 23, while in the southern hemisphere the summer begins around December 21st through March 21st.

In many countries, summer is the school holiday season. In this season people like to go to the beach for sunbathing. In addition, in summer fruits and vegetation are generally in full growth.

3. Autumn

Autumn is a special season. In this season, in temperate countries, blue skies, sunny days, and cool evenings gradually decorate tree-covered hills with varying shades of yellow, orange and red. In this season, the always-green trees like cypress and cedar become a perfect match for the bright red and yellow from other ominous trees.

Autumn is very popular especially in Asian countries like Japan and Korea. In Japan, people often "hunt for autumn colors" -their term for an autumn outing that allows them to admire the artwork of the creation of nature.

4. Winter

Winter starts from December to February. One of the most prominent of the winter is the snow that makes the entire surface of the land covered with a clean white color.

Although the weather is very cold, and the temperature can be quite extreme until it reaches below 0 degrees Celsius, but does not close the possibility to move outside the home.

Here are some of the usual activities people do in the winter:

Play Ice Skating or Skiing. In winter, most lakes will freeze with ice thickness on the surface of the lake about 20 cm, allowing it to be a skating spot for ice skating lovers. Meanwhile, in a mountain area with a certain height, one can start skiing.

Play with Snow. The falling snow is usually a fun thing for kids. They will race to make snowman and sometimes play snowball war.

Drinking Alcohol. At the time of winter, alcohol consumption begins to increase, not for the purpose of getting drunk, but rather to warm the body. Even in Russia where temperatures are almost always below 0 ° C, vodka has become a normal daily drink to warm the body.

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